Ethics Self-Assessment - step 1/7

(K-1) – Cluster of values: EMPATHY
super individual (social) sensitivity and identity, social usefulness, common good, goodness (charity), care for the future, for the welfare of the next generations

When assessing your character and personality traits, think whether in your professional activity:

  • you act in accordance with ethical norms and laws, irrespective of the circumstances,
  • you voluntarily take actions addressed to people, who, in no way related to you professionally, are members of the community,
  • protection of the environment is not indifferent to you,
  • you support other people in need as much as possible.
Rank Definitely NO Rather NO It is difficult to say Rather YES Definitely YES
1 2 3 4 5
K-1.1. I have the willingness and courage to change my plans and business operations if their effects may prove socially inappropriate.
K-1.2. I feel the need to make others aware of the issues of ethics indispensable in business operation.
K-1.3. It is important for me to care for the common good of the community in which I operate.
K-1.4. It is important for me to care for the common good in the global sense (all the world).
K-1.5. In my business practice, it is important to care for the future generations.
K-1.6. I analyse long-term consequences of my professional decisions not only in the professional but also in the social aspect.
K-1.7. I can empathise with an ethically difficult situation (dilemma) of other people.
K-1.8. In my professional practice, there are important features like altruism, charity and devotion.